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Everyday, we will post new and fun things for you and your kids to do together – enjoy!

7 Things to do with a Cardboard Box

Mommies, if you have cardboard boxes lying around, here are 7 fun things to do with them to keep your lil’ ones entertained!

Do-it-Yourself Playdough and Other Homemade Games

Visit this website for homemade games, including do-it-yourself playdough

Finger Painting Bags

To make this fun activity you need:

– Colorful paint

– Ziploc bags

– Tape

– White sheets of paper

All you have to do is put a squirt of paint into the bag, pushing any air bubbles out, and lock the bag. Then tape the sheet of paper onto the table, and the paint bag on top of that. Have your lil’ ones paint away mess-free! Enjoy!

Toddler Activity Book

Print this activity book for your lil’ one, full of fun stuff to do with toddlers from 12 months to 4 years.


Heart Shaped Stamps

I’m trying to find an easy, low-maintenance Valentines Day craft for my lil’ one – here’s one that I came across. She can use it to make her Valentines Day card for her daddy! Here’s what you need:

– Empty toilet paper tubes
– Cardboard paper
– Red and pink paint
Fold the toilet paper tubes to make them look like hearts and staple the bottom.Then pour red & pink paint in a container and have your lil’ ones stamp their tubes onto them and make hearts on the cardboard paper. Now, you have your cards – you can get creative with folding them, or even turning them into wrapping paper. Enjoy!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Bottle Top Stamps

My lil’ one loves stamps – if yours does too, here’s a way to make them at home! All you need is:

– Bottle tops (from water or juice bottles)

– Foam shapes (there are loads available – abc’s, animals, etc)

– double sided tape

– Ink pad or paint

Just stick the shapes onto the bottle tops & have your kids use them as stamps with pain or an ink pad. Voila!

Tiny Bubbles

To have bubble fun with your lil’ one all you need is:

– Drinking straws

– Tape

– Dishwashing liquid

– Light corn syrup (or glycerin)

1. Tie up different colored drinking straws with tape;

2. Dip one end of the straws into a  dish of bubble solution (you can make your own by combining 1 cup of water with 1/3 cup of dishwashing liquid and 2 tablespoons of light corn syrup or glycerin), then blow through the straws;

– Enjoy!

Bathtub Paint

If your lil’ one is anything like mine, then they love painting in the tub while taking their bath. Here’s how to make it at home:

Get a muffin tray and in each cup add:

– 2 table spoons cornstarch

– 1/4 cup baby shampoo

– 4-5 drops food coloring

– Stir & then add 2-3 tablespoons water in each cup


Homemade Snow!

Kids love to play with snow, so why wait for it? Make snow at home and watch your kids have fun! Here’s how:

– 1/3 cup water

– Few squirts dish soap

– Process for a few minutes until foam appears, the longer the wait, the fuller it becomes.

– Put the snow in a tray and give your kids some sand spoons, bucket, or toy cars to wash! Enjoy!

Toddler Learning Activity Basket

Prepare this basket and download the attached document that has 25 activities you can play with your toddler that will have them busy for hours!


Invisible Ink

Just dip a cotton bud in lemon juice, write your secret message on white paper and put it in a pretty empty bottle. You can add colored hearts (see picture below). To reveal the message,  you only have to heat the paper with a light bulb or hair dryer (at this step, please stand next to your children).

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Cold Weather Activity Box

Make this cold weather activity box to keep kids happy indoors.

Keeping Kids Busy at Restaurants

Check out this amazing idea on how to keep kids buys at restaurants – make a portable “playbox” out of their everyday lunchbox! I love it!

Make Edible Play Dough!

Follow this great link to learn how to make edible play dough with your lil’ one!

Enjoy Holiday Movies!

Follow this link for some of the best holiday movies to enjoy with your kids!

Letter Pictures

Draw a letter on a piece of paper and then get your kids to turn them into something else with colorful crayons. Try turning an S into a snake, an O into a doughnut, and use your imagination with all the other letters. Enjoy!

Santa Coloring Page

Enjoy coloring this Santa picture with your kids!

Sound Search

Gather up a handful of objects that start with the same letter. Have your little one close his/her eyes while you hide these objects around the room. Now, make the sound of the letter and challenge your child to find everything in the room that starts with that sound.

Letter Writing Tray

“Here’s a great way to help your tot get a feel for writing — no paper or pencil required! First, sprinkle a thick layer of cornmeal over the bottom of a rimmed baking sheet, then show her how to write letters with one or two fingers. When she’s ready to start over, gently shake the sheet to erase the letters. Store the cornmeal in a ziplock bag when not in use.” – Recommended by Disney!

Check out this website for great winter activities to enjoy with your toddlers!

Make Pizza Toast

Make Pizza Toast with your kids and have fun together!

Here’s the recipe:
– Toast
– Tomato Paste or Pasta Sauce
– Cheese
– Any Veggies that your kids enjoy- Olives, etc

Lay out two slices of toast for each child and help them coat it with tomato paste or pasta sauce. Then let the kids go wild with cheese, olives and veggies. Once everyone has completed their pizza toast, place it in the oven on a tray at 180 degrees celcius Leave for 15-20 mins or till cheese is melted. Pull out, serve, and watch your kids enjoy them. Bon Apetite!

Memory Game

Download this fun memory game and play with your toddler, from Disney!


Color – In

Print these pictures and color them with your kids – try to stay in the lines!

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