A Long Break


It’s been a while since I’ve posted in the blog and I do owe my readers an apology! It’s been a hectic few months, lots of changes happening and putting the feelings that come with those changes to words has been difficult.

Ok, so an update – I’m 22 weeks pregnant! Yes, my lil’ one will finally have that sibling she’s been asking for, and I’m so grateful for that. It was a difficult first trimester but here’s hoping the second will be easier before the last trimester challenges begin. Dealing with a pregnancy and my lil’ one has definitely been quite a feat – explaining things to her, getting her involved without making her feel like she’s coming into major change. She’s been very sensitive lately, cries a lot, is more anxious than usual. Comes with the territory I suppose! I’m already dealing with second baby guilt and the baby hasn’t arrived yet. I’m sure lots of mommies out there know what I’m talking about.

So I’m back for now – will keep you updated on all the changes happening with my lil’ one and mommies, your advice is welcome!

Raising Multilingual Kids


It’s not easy, trying to make sure that our lil’ one remains fluent in both Arabic and English. We make it a point to speak in both languages to her, ensuring that she knows the words and phrases just as well in either. Our lil’ one has even started speaking French, thanks to efforts from her preschool!

I found this guide to be useful- some tips on raising multilingual children. Hope it helps!

Raising Multilingual Children

New Educational App


Duck Duck Moose, creator of award winning children’s educational apps including Wheels on the Bus and Fish School is releasing its first free offline workbook today as a companion to a new reading app that will launch in early December. Featuring new characters, Milo the Meerkat and his sidekick, Puffs, the workbook includes several activities that reinforce standard Kindergarten reading skills and introduce concepts that will help kids learn to read.

Visit the website to download and print an eight page workbook with educational
worksheets and coloring activities to enjoy with your kids when the iPhone and iPad are turned off.

Workbook Download

New Abjad Hawaz App


ABJAD HAWAZ releases a new APP to promote Arabic learning in a fun, interactive game format

Abjad City is now available on the Apple Store, for both iPhone and iPad

abjad hawaz






November 28, 2012 – Whether you are a parent of Arab origin living abroad and want to teach your children the Arabic Language, or an expat living in the Middle East and are struggling with introducing your children to Arabic, then ‘Abjad City’ is just the App you’ve been looking for. This Arabic language learning application for Apple iOS devices was released today by Abjad Hawaz, LLC.

The App is rated 4+, but because of its engaging game format, can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. The structure of the game allows both native and non-Arabic speaking players to enjoy and understand the game. The game’s main focus is on learning and recognizing the Arabic Alphabet and some basic vocabulary, which has been divided into six main themes.

What distinguishes this App from others is its focus on Game-based Learning. The fun, interactive, increasingly fast-paced format of the game makes it enjoyable and educative at the same time. Children learn without realizing it because they are having fun.

The app has rich, colorful graphics, and increases gradually in difficulty to accommodate all player levels. The Arabic letters are pronounced phonetically each time the player passes over the letter, and the objects are said clearly each time the player taps on them.

The App is based on the board game Abjad!, also designed by Abjad Hawaz.

Abjad Hawaz focuses on Edutainment – teaching through play. Founded by two Arab American mothers (Mouna Abdelhamid and Reem Atassi) who themselves struggled with finding innovative ways of teaching their children Arabic, the company’s mission is to develop engaging, interactive games that promote the Arabic language, culture and history.

‘Abjad City’ is currently available only for the iOS platform and can be downloaded from the Apple Store. Plans are underway for future versions of the game on the Android and Windows platforms, as well as Smart TVs and Smart Board devices.

To download ‘Abjad City’, please visit:

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/abjad-city-for-iphone/id580610525?mt=8 (iPhone version)

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/abjad-city-for-ipad/id580607464?mt=8 (iPad version)

You can also visit our Facebook Page to learn more about us: www.facebook.com/AbjadHawaz.me

Homemade Puffy Paint


Hey busy mommies!! Wanna give your kids something to keep them distracted this weekend? Try this recipe for homemade puffy paint – they’ll love it and stay out of your hair!


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1/2-3/4 cup water
Mix the ingredients until you have the desired consistency and the then separate it according to the number of colors you plan to make.  Color can be added through food coloring, liquid watercolors, tempura paint, powdered paint.  I would prefer food coloring to ensure that my lil’ one can safely play with the paint.  Spoon the colored paint into squeezy bottles, and get to creating!