Getting ready for a second child bears nothing in resemblance it seems to the first. With my first pregnancy, I had all the time in the world on my hands – time to shop for the baby, prepare the nursery, time to sleep and relax, to eat, anything I needed to do. This time around, my days fly by taking care of my lil’ girl – driving her to school and play dates, making sure she doesn’t feel the change about to set in and doing my best to keep her happy and adjusted.

So, during the few hours I have free while she’s at school or sleeping I’ve been hectically trying to prepare. I find shopping in this city for baby things a tad tiresome as there are no ‘one stop shops’. At least the nursery has been taken care of finally and looks amazing I’m happy to announce! Even my lil’ one has given her stamp of approval, and so generously allowed us to finally move her crib out of our room and into the new nursery.

But, in the end, this is a joyous time and I’m doing my best to enjoy it. Will keep you posted mommies!