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My lil’ one has been growing so fast this year – she’s learning so much at school, making friends by the dozen, and keeping my social life abuzz with her many after school activities. I’m amazed at how much my own circle of friends and acquaintances has grown as my lil’ one grows. She absolutely loves her friends, she talks about them all the time and would do anything to feel that they’re happy and close to her.

My lil’ one is very kind – and I’m not saying this because she’s my daughter, she really is very selfless. She wants to give away all her toys and things she loves to her friends, she wants them to come play with her and share everything she has, and she can’t wait every morning to see them and show them the things she takes to school with her. When her cousins come over to visit, my lil’ one would do anything to make sure they’re happy and cries at the drop of a needle if she feels that they’re not. She’s sensitive, and very emotional.

I say all this not because I want to brag – I need to learn how to handle my lil’ one’s sensitivity. It’s a great thing to be kind and love those around you. I just don’t want her to be the target of bullies in the future. I’m scared that her added emotions would be a burden, rather than an advantage to my lil’ one as she grows.

Mommies – I need advice, how do I protect my lil’ one from her own kindness?