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We do all we can to protect our lil’ ones, keep them safe and happy. How often do we jump in fear when we see them nearing danger, starting when they’re babies and just learning to crawl. Our lil’ ones love to explore the world around them, they’re curious and unaware of the perils that await – they jump, run, touch things they shouldn’t, and often sneak away from us when we’re not looking ’cause they know how fearful we are. But, with all our efforts, we still can’t protect our lil’ ones from everything and this keeps me in a constant state of fear and panic.

I try my best not be paranoid and let my lil’ one have her space. But, everyday, we hear stories of children who were hurt – whether at home or outside – and they affect us in ways we can’t help. I’m sure most of you living in Amman have recently heard of the little boy who drowned in his school’s swimming pool. Left alone by his supervisor and teachers, he was curious as all our children are – he loves to swim, and wandered off to the pool only wanting to have fun as he know he always does in the water he loves so much. I won’t discuss the details of the story much, the how and the why this little boy of only 3 and a half years was left unsupervised and drowned with nobody around to help him. But, this story has left me bereft, unsure of how to deal with letting my lil’ one out of my sight without letting the fear take over.

I know every parent out there who’s heard this story, and others, is feeling the same. And, with all this anxiety, comes the question of how protective is too protective? Yes, we need to let them go, we need to let them find their place in the world – make new friends, learn new things, and discover all there is out there. They make their own mistakes, and hopefully learn from them. But, how do we let them do all this without getting too anxious of their safety and well-being?

All that little boy’s parents did that day was put him on a bus to go to school, a place that’s meant to be his home away from home, a place he’s meant to be happy and safe. Nobody can begin to contemplate how they’re feeling – my heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family for this tragic loss.

May all your lil’ ones stay safe and happy always – after all, this is all we want out of life after we have kids, isn’t it?