So, my lil’ one is now in her second year at preschool and oh what a difference a year makes. I watch the younger kids walk into their classrooms every morning, crying their eyes out, holding on to their mommies for dear life, and I’m thankful that phase is over for my lil’ one. She looks forward to school every morning, loves her new class, the new friends she’s making, and her new teacher.

But, with being a year older, comes more discipline. This year, her teachers are focusing on attitudes, behavior, following rules. And, I see this in my lil’ one at home. The tantrums are decreasing everyday, the manners are getting better, and her attitude to sharing with friends is developing so well. She’s learning new things, more “grown up” things. She now knows about her beating heart, about her body and the basics of how it works, and she’s come to appreciate family through learning about it at school.

My lil’ one is getting more and more independent. She dictates every morning what I should put in her lunchbox, what she should wear, and what to take with her to school for show and tell. My lil’ one even tells me which friends she wants over for playdates and demands that we invite her teachers over. And, surprisingly enough, my lil’ one even has a boy that she likes – who apparently wants to marry her.

When did lil’ ones become so knowledgeable about things like marriage – how did my tiny daughter learn that she would rather wear dresses to impress this boy she likes. Are they picking these things up from television, YouTube, and modern-day cartoons? Without a doubt, this coming generation is much more exposed to things that we never thought about when we were younger.

So, we start our year with preschool – part 2, and I am excited to share all the new things my lil’ one will come to say, learn, and do with all you mommies out there. Happy school year everyone!