Inspired by the ‘Monster Engine’ project in the USA, Little Story Big Story is about children creating stories for adults. This month in Amman, Project Pen ‘Children’s Stories’ will be working with children aged 6-12 years in schools, orphanages and refugee camps to encourage them to create stories.

This event will bring together artists, animators, illustrators, writers and professionals from across Jordan to work with the children, and help bring their stories to life – the children are encouraged to create their stories in various forms including written, oral, illustrative, etc. The Little Stories will then be on exhibition and will also be made available online.
The ‘Little Story, Big Story’  with project pen will take place on Saturday 8th of September, from 3-6pm, at Darat Al Funun. Parents and children, aged 6-12, are invited to attend – it will be both in Arabic and in English.
To learn more, visit their facebook page: