I promised mommies out there that I’d write and inform them about any ventures that I come across which I find beneficial for our lil’ ones. One of the most promising I found recently has been Mintaad – an online book rental company, whose motto is Educate without Owning.

Mintaad works around a simple premise, it’s a place where anyone can rent books (that are be delivered to their homes), after which they will be picked up and exchanged for other books. The objective of such a venture is to promote reading and education among the children, while at the same time reducing the cost of these books as well as the burden of storing them in the house. Mintaad specializes in both Arabic and English books for children and young adults, while also offering a selection of books for parents. These books are carefully selected, making sure they offer the best there is for our children. Upon their return, the books are inspected and special kits are used to repair, clean and sanitize them.

As soon as a member is registered with Mintaad, they are given a selection of how many books they would like to rent each month. The books which are chosen are delivered right to the member’s door. Browsing through the selection at Mintaad has been made very easy through categories and book selection according to age group or subject, while children are given control over their “wish lists” letting them have the joy of selecting their very own books while still giving the parents final approval.

Another favorite of mine – there is no time limit to when a member has to return their books and no typical library late fees. Anytime a Mintaad member is finished with their books, they are picked up at the same time as the new ones are delivered.

Mintaad allows children to share their opinions  about books they’ve read with other children on the website, and suggests books for them according to their age, and the books they’ve read.

These days, reading has become a low priority with our children who would much rather play video games and watch television. So, mommies let’s start encouraging them to read! Visit Mintaad and register to become a member – and if you subscribe now for three months, you can benefit from their Back to School offer and get one month for free.