It was my lil’ one’s first day back to school today. With mixed emotions, from both of us, we held each other’s hands and bravely faced our first day apart after a long summer vacation. My lil’ one walked into her new class, holding onto her brand new lunchbox and her doll, and started wailing like there was no tomorrow.

I heard those cries but I had experience now – I knew the best way for her to get over them was for me to turn around and walk away. I did it, which was no easy feat on my part.

At the end of the day, I picked up my lil’ one not knowing what to expect, how she’d dealt with her first day back. I was pleasantly surprised to see the twinkle in her eye, the laugher on her face. She had a great day, saw her old friends, was reunited with her beloved teacher. All was well in my lil’ one’s world.

First day of school is now over and we begin the year full of promise and hope that our lil’ ones will enjoy it as much as they did last year. Happy new year mommies!