My lil’ girl has gotten into a habit I wished would have waited some time. At three years old, she now repeats things I say to me, just mimicking what and how I’m giving her instructions, or talking to people. She’s also memorising things she hears me say and repeating them at the most inappropriate times!

Ok, so I may have said a word or two in front of her that I would have preferred she didn’t repeat. Yes, I admit, it’s entirely my fault for forgetting that her ears are wide open even if she appears distracted by something else. I need to remember that she’s all grown up now, that she understands things I say, that she’s curious, that she’s turning into my own little, albeit adorable, parrot.

I’m her role model, she wants to be mommy – she now wants to dress like me, put on make up like me, wear my shoes, my jewellery, and talk exactly like me. So, I now have to be extra careful what I say with my lil’ one around. They’re so impressionable at this age, what a responsibility to be raising this lil’ one – wanting her to be perfect in every way.

I’m honoured to be my lil’ one’s mommy – I’m grateful for the opportunity and I hope to live up to her expectations. So, here’s hoping I remember that the next time she’s around when I’m having an adult conversation!