Ramadan is almost over, wrapping up its final days – bittersweet, as we say goodbye to the month and get ready for Eid. What a wonderful time this is, watching people start their festivities, buying brand new clothes for their lil’ ones, rushing to look for gifts that’ll bring smiles to their faces and preparing for family fun.

It’s a privilege, seeing the holiday spirit in my lil’ one’s eyes – her excitement and anticipation as she experiences these days around the people who love her most. I find myself eagerly trying to do everything I possibly can to make this a special time for her. My lil’ one experienced Ramadan with us, trying to understand the concept of fasting and enjoying every evening at the table with us. This is why Eid holds such joy this year – as she starts to understand why we celebrate and what importance it has for family and friends.

Mommies & daddies: I wish u a very special Eid with your lil’ ones, surrounded by everyone you hold near and dear. May every year bring you the same joy, happiness, and peace.