My lil’ one has a soulmate, someone she loves so much – unconditionally. You would think that at such a young age, she wouldn’t understand love except that of her parents. She’s shown me, however, that she does. When my lil’ one was only a few months old, her cousin came for a visit – they’re only six months apart but at the time, the age gap was enormous. As they got older, they spent more and more time together and the love they have for each other astounds me. They refer to each other as twin sisters – my lil’ one doesn’t have any siblings yet, but if she did, she wouldn’t love them any more than she loves her “adopted” twin sister.

These days, they’re spending every waking moment together. They go to summer camp together, insisting on carrying the same lunchbox and wearing the same clothes. They have to have their meals together – yes, eating the same thing – and the only time they spend apart is when they sleep. On vacation, my lil’ one was homesick for her soulmate – she would constantly mention her, ask to go home to see her, and anything we bought we had to buy two of each at my lil’ one’s insistence. When they greet each other every morning it’s with a hug, and when they say good night every evening it’s with a hug and a promise to see each other soon.

It’s such a joy to see my lil’ one and her cousin – I’m grateful she’s found someone her age that she’s so attached to and I hope that their love for each other continues into the future. I can’t wait to see them grow up, discovering life and living it without losing this love. As I close my eyes, I see them as teenagers – giggling at secret jokes, and conspiring against us. May you both hold each other close for many, many, many years to come.