I’ve just come back from a two week vacation in Vienna and Paris, with hubby and my lil’ one. I thought it would be difficult – taking a three year old around Europe, staying at hotels, and flying often. At first, she was homesick – asked to come back to Amman, her house, her toys, friends, etc. She couldn’t understand why we had taken her away from all of that to stay in a small room, in a strange place. That didn’t last long, thankfully. As the days flew by, my lil’ one became ecstatic – she loved the excitement, the new things to see, and even started calling our hotel room “home”!

The highlight of the trip for my lil’ one was Disneyland – she just couldn’t believe her eyes. Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, and all the other characters she loves so much suddenly came to life right before her eyes. She would chase them around wanting to take pictures with them and become all shy and sweet as they played with her. To my surprise, my lil’ one wanted to go on all the rides – what a change that was for someone who used to be too scared to get on the carousel! She laughed, played, and the excitement in her eyes was enough for her daddy and I.

Before we left, everyone asked what we were thinking – taking such a little girl on a trip like that. We were told she’s too young, won’t remember anything, and would get bored and frustrated. I’m so glad she proved them wrong! My lil’ one was a pleasure to be with these two weeks – she’s become a seasoned traveler, and we’re so proud of her. I would definitely do this trip again, in a heartbeat.

For now, it’s good to be back home! My lil’ one started summer school today, she’ll be there for the next two weeks giving me time to catch up on things. But, I have to admit, sitting her writing in the silence of my home has gotten me nostalgic – I miss my lil’ girl, our mornings together. Can’t wait to see her soon!