I’ve recently come across a new venture, which made an impression on me – it’s called Abjad Hawaz and it’s dedicated to “promoting the Arabic language, Arabic culture, and Arabic heritage to children”. Such a worthy cause that I wanted to share with mommies, especially those who find it hard to get their lil’ ones to learn and speak Arabic.

Abjad Hawaz was founded by two Arab-American mothers who, living in the United States, were faced by the challenge of teaching their kids the Arabic language and Arabic culture. They had a hard time finding tools that would make this challenge fun and entertaining for their children so, they decided to take matters into their own hands by creating their own tools for this purpose.

Currently, the founders of Abjad Hawaz are working on several products, including a board game as well as an application, that they hope will encourage our children to learn and enjoy Arabic. They aim to create fun and interactive learning mechanisms that parents can introduce to their kids, whether in the Arab world or internationally, to maximize education of both our language and culture.

As parents, we all know how that conventional learning tools don’t work as well as they used to with our little ones. These days, children demand more visually appealing and stimulating products, books, etc and this is where Abjad Hawaz will succeed. Their mission is admirable and I hope that as soon as their products are available in our market we, as parents, will be encouraged to use them. They aim to have the application ready by July, with other products to soon follow.

Let’s support their cause – at the end of the day, it’s ours as well!