My lil’ one just finished her very first year of school – I have to admit, emotions ran high as I picked her up and watched her say goodbye to her friends and teachers. I couldn’t believe that my baby was done with her first year, it was bittersweet. What made me more emotional was that I had, just the day before, gone to see my cousin graduate from kindergarten. Tiny boys and girls, wearing their tiny graduation caps and gowns, saying farewell to their baby years and going on to first grade. Watching proud parents take snapshots of their lil’ ones, with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces, I couldn’t help but imagine my own baby – growing up so quickly, becoming her own independent person.

This year, in my family, we are watching different generations graduating – one from kindergarten, one from school, one from university and – finally – one done with graduate school. How time flies, how quickly our baby preschoolers go on to their school and university years. How quickly we watch them, support them, stand by them and then let them go into their own worlds. As I think about this, I want to hold on to every minute of my baby’s childhood – I want to enjoy and savor it, knowing how quickly it passes.

So, congratulations to every single parent out there celebrating graduations – be proud of what you and your lil’ ones accomplished – it’s a time to remember.