When my daughter turned one, I needed a place to take her that would be fun and safe. Somewhere she would play, run, and start making friends – which is when I started taking her to MyGym. My lil’ one absolutely loved it, I would take her twice a week and it would be a battle at the end of the class to convince her to leave. She looked forward to their circle time, the exercise moves they would do together and she memorized all their songs. At home, all we ever heard was “…and bounce, and bounce” as she bounced her arms around in the air like her teachers at MyGym. Their “hello” and “goodbye” songs are still near and dear to my lil’ one’s heart. One of the teachers at MyGym passes by my daughter’s preschool once a week for their exercise class, and it’s all I hear about that day.

What I really love about MyGym is their focus on fitness for kids – these days, we all know how easy it is to get lazy and how many distractions there are around our lil’ ones. They wouldn’t love anything more than to sit all day in front of the TV, watching their cartoons and playing their video games. MyGym gives you a place to take your kids, and have them vent out all that excess energy – a place they can play, exercise, sing, dance, and even listen to fun books during story time.

My lil’ one has spent more hours than I can count at MyGym, I truly am grateful to them for providing such a great outlet for fun – I know I’ll be taking my daughter there for years to come. I should probably mention that my lil’ one absolutely refuses that I call it “MyGym” – which makes sense, of course, since it’s “her” gym and not mine – there you go for toddler thinking!

MyGym Jordan