Mommies!! If you haven’t already taken your lil’ ones to J’Imagine in Abdoun, you really should start. Last month, my daughter was bored and asked to go play somewhere – I called a friend and we arranged to meet up at J’Imagine, which I hadn’t been to, with our lil’ ones. They had such a blast! The place is full of stuff for toddlers, as well as younger kids, to do – my lil’ one loved playing dress-up with their costumes, and enjoyed their makeshift kitchen, doctor’s office, and nursery. There’s also a room for kids to draw, color, and use their imagination with finger painting and stickers.

The fun part of this all for me was that there was a great place for my friend and I to have our coffee, talk, and enjoy ourselves while our little ones played safely. There’s a great snack bar for the kids with healthy treats, and they sell fun and creative toys.

Visit J’Imagine mommies – you’ll see why I loved it so much!!