These days, trying to teach our lil’ ones the Arabic language seems to be more and more challenging. We are at a shortage of good tools to use that would make it fun for kids to learn Arabic – I have to admit, even as a mother, I haven’t found many books or videos that are interesting enough to show my lil’ one and most of the time, I find myself steering towards buying them in English.

A few months ago, my lil’ one came back from her preschool singing a song about shapes in Arabic – she sang it over and over, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how good she was at knowing the proper words for them. As she sang, she related the shapes she knew to everyday objects around her – circles to the moon, rectangles to her bed, squares to the window, and triangles to ice cream cones. I loved the song she was singing so much, that I asked her teachers where they got it from. That’s when I was introduced to Little Thinking Minds.

Little Thinking Minds, which was founded almost six years ago by two mommies whose children were toddlers at the time, has an admirable goal – to teach our kids Arabic by making it easy and fun for them. They do this through a series of DVDs and audio CDs that they’ve developed locally – kudos to them – that relay simple ideas through song and repetition, also using puppets, animation and even real kids to sing and dance in  their segments. My lil’ one basically has almost all of their DVDs learnt off by heart – the latest of which is the one about numbers. I found myself singing the numbers song last night in my head before going to sleep!

The producers of these DVDs have worked very hard at making our lives easier in getting our lil’ ones to learn Arabic. Yes, it’s a difficult language and yes, I do find that our children seem to like talking in English better. That doesn’t mean we give up and speak to them in the language they prefer – let’s stick to our roots, embrace our culture and teach our kids the value of our beautiful language.

Little Thinking Minds have provided us with tools to help – they were developed professionally, with consultants in early learning, and they DO work. Their latest DVD is dedicated to teaching the Arabic alphabets through the shape, name, and sound of each letter. The DVD engages children through a whole set of fun nursery rhymes. And – something to look forward to – Little Thinking Minds are also planning to introduce two apps this summer that will further emphasize Arabic learning for our lil’ ones.

So, mommies, I totally encourage you to go out, get some of these DVDs and show them to your lil’ ones. You won’t regret it!

To learn more about Little Thinking Minds, mommies can visit their website at http://www.littlethinkingminds.com as well as their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/LittleThinkingMind

Click on the link below to download the catalog featuring available DVDs, CDs, and activity books from Little Thinking Minds:

Little Thinking Minds Catalog