I’m developing a severe dislike for crocs and leggings. I’m tired of seeing the same pyjamas everyday, and there are certain toys I’d love to get rid of. Why? Because my lil’ one is starting to have a mind of her own, insisting on wearing the same thing everyday, playing with the same dolls, and driving me crazy along the way.

I miss the days when I used to pick out her clothes, everything would match, she would look adorable and I’d send her on her way. Those days are gone. Now, we argue every morning while I try to get her to wear her new jeans and cute sandals. She ends up wearing her favourite leggings and pink crocs – telling me not to worry, ‘it’s ok mommy, they change colour in the sun, they become purple’!

These arguments extend to trying to convince her to play with her new toys, try out her guitar, puzzle, or new barbie. No, she says, I want my babies. The same two baby dolls she plays with all the time, taking with her to school and sleeping next to at night. They look tired, worn out, old. To her, they get more appealing with every new spot of dirt.

My lil’ one is growing up, developing a personality and a strong will. I know these things will be positive enforcements as she grows, will get her through school and help her make new friends. She’s determined, knows what she wants and goes after it. All great things in life. So, for now, I pick the battles I think I can win. They’re not many!