My lil’ one’s third birthday is next week – I still can’t believe that it’s been three years since she was born! I remember every minute of waiting for her, of seeing her little face for the first time, of those tiny fingers holding onto mine. I remember her first months, her first smile – one that lit up my life and has been my sunshine, my ray of light and hope ever since.

So, I’ve been busy planning her birthday party – she’s sharing it with two of her best friends, whom were born on the same day. Their mothers and I have been running around trying to find the perfect location, the perfect cake, wanting to make this the perfect experience for them.

For us, the mothers, sharing this day with their friends, with our family and closest people to us will make it a wonderful day. Every year, I spend most of my lil’ one’s birthday looking at her with wonder and amazement – thanking God that he sent me this gift, this blessing, making my life complete. I hope to make this day as special for her as she made it for me the day she was brought into my arms.

I love you Jude.