First of all – I’d like to thank my lil’ one’s preschool for arranging a lecture yesterday about learning difficulties in children and early detection. It was very informative and opened our eyes to many things that we, as parents, don’t tend to think about  – in most cases, we try not to think about them, hoping that if we ignore them then they would cease to exist. The lecture mainly addressed issues related to academic learning – such as dyslexia – and how these difficulties would affect children in school and their daily lives if they are not diagnosed and treated in due time.

In our eyes, as parents, our little ones are perfect –  which is why we try to avoid learning about any difficulties they might have. Unfortunately, in our society, it’s still taboo to talk about anything that might make our kids less than perfect in the eyes of other parents, teachers, and friends. But, like it or not, these difficulties do exist in lots of children and, left undetected, might hinder their future – one that could be amazing and full of potential. I think all parents should be aware of such learning difficulties and what signs to look for – instead of ignoring such topics, we should be eager to find out more about them.

So, I am grateful to the women who talked to us yesterday and opened our eyes to things we had not thought about before. I do hope that we never have to face such challenges with our little ones – that their lives will always be perfect and free of difficulties or roadblocks. But, I also hope, that if my lil’ ones are ever faced with challenges, that I would have the necessary knowledge and tools to help them cope, deal, and move on with their lives. We, as parents can’t hope for anything more than to ensure that our little ones have bright futures filled with potential and success, as well as all the love, caring, and support we can give them.