It’s probably time for a second baby – I had this epiphany as I begged my lil’ one for a hug, a kiss, a cuddle. She, busy in her playroom with all her dolls and toys, dodged my constant forced affections on her, asking to just be left alone to play. I miss the days when she cuddled in my arms, when she needed me to be with her all the time, when she would only fall asleep while I rocked her. As my lil’ one grows up and becomes more independent, I suddenly find myself more dependent on her, needing her affection more than she needs mine.

My lil’ one leaves me at her classroom door every morning, happy to see her teachers and be at school. And, when I arrive to pick her up, she begs me to leave her there for just ten more minutes. She loves being with her friends, she loves her life at school – and, I think to myself (yes, I know, it’s an insane and wildly crazy thought) – she loves her time away from home. I am proud of her – proud of her independence, proud that she’s growing up and becoming less attached to us, proud that she’s turning into a beautiful, happy, and strong little girl. But, still, I find myself missing the days when she was attached to me.

So, I have decided that it’s time for a sibling for my lil’ one – of course, I say that knowing that I probably need this baby more than she does.