“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”  ~ Henry Adams


I took my lil’ one out on a playdate yesterday with a couple of friends from her preschool – she had a great time, playing in the garden, enjoying the sun and running around. It gave me such joy to watch her with her friends.

The highlight of the afternoon, however, came when one of her teachers from preschool showed up on her playdate. She saw her and couldn’t believe her eyes – the shock on her face, the laughter that came out when she saw her. She wouldn’t let her go after that  – thinking she was back in school, she asked her to help her on the swing, watch her on the slides, and run around with her. It took a lot of effort to convince my lil’ one to let her teacher relax and have a cup of coffee. She just can’t contemplate the idea that her teachers from school are real people, with real lives, and don’t just exist within the walls of her classroom.

My lil’ one’s teachers are her idols in life – she looks up to them, listens to them, adores them and talks about the incessantly. If I can’t get her to do something, I tell her that her teachers want her to do it – she immediately listens. When she sees her teachers in the morning, my lil’ one runs to give them hugs and kisses and shows them what she’s wearing, or tells them about her day.

Teachers play such an important role in our lil’ ones’ lives – I’m sure even as adults, we all remember our teachers from grade school. They leave an impression with children that never goes away.

Hats off to teachers everywhere – your job is one of the most important in the world – you teach future leaders and you should be proud. To my lil’ one’s teachers – you’ll never realize just how much she loves you, you are definitely her heroes.