Mommies reading this – you’re either going to laugh at me, or have sympathy – I’ll let you decide for yourself. My lil’ one has been sleeping in her “big girl” bed for two nights now, which I do admit after almost three years of sleeping in our room, is quite an achievement. I should be proud – of myself for finally getting her to sleep there, and of her for finally accepting that this is where she should sleep. I am proud, I really am. But, I’m also very sad. I couldn’t sleep last night, every cell of my body wanting to go to her room, pick her up, and bring her next to me. I love sleeping next to my lil’ one – I love her smell, the noises she makes with her pacifier, I even love her fussiness. I definitely have separation anxiety.

Now, this anxiety also come from sending her off to pre-school this week after a month-long vacation of having her by my side every minute of the day. I’m glad she’s back at school, she needs her friends, teachers, constant entertainment. But, I admit – I miss her. If this isn’t separation anxiety, I don’t know what is! Only problem is, I’m not sure if parents are supposed to be feeling this – every article I’ve ever read talks about separation anxiety in toddlers. Nothing prepares you for the fact that you might feel it too.

So, I’m slowly adjusting – I fought the urge to wake her up last night, but it probably helped that she woke up at around midnight and asked to come back to my room. Did I refuse? Did I try to convince to go back to sleep in her own bed? No. I simply smiled, picked her up, put her next to me and went back to sleep – happily I might add.