Yesterday, we took my lil’ one out to a coffee shop with a huge open outdoor area. We had our coffee, and watched her play – running around, jumping, skipping, and chasing her shadow. She had such a good time that I realized how long it’s been since she played outdoors. Ok, so part of that isn’t our fault – the weather was cold and rainy most of the time during the last few months. But, we also have to admit that most of us forget the importance of our kids spending time outdoors – they need the activity, the sunshine, the experience of open space with no restraints.

My lil’ one had such a good time – her face was flushed, she had a good dinner, and slept so quickly I was taken aback by how tired and happy she was. Let’s try to give our kids that experience – let’s cut down on the mall trips, the shopping strolls, the dim and quiet restaurants. I’ll definitely try my best to give my lil’ one more outside time, the weather is beautiful – it’s even good for us!