My lil’ girl is pretty active, she loves to jump, doesn’t even know how to walk and not run, and is – as all kids – oblivious to all the things that could hurt her. I don’t consider myself to be overprotective, but I have to admit I’m going through a phase of paranoia.

I’ve lately been finding myself afraid of everything. We’re visiting my parents and they have two flights of stairs. I jump in fear when my like’ girl gets too close, I run madly when I hear her fall to check that she’s ok, and I’m terrified she’d fall as she sprints through the malls when we’re out. When it’s too crowded, I insist that she stays in her stroller and I’m paranoid about the crazy speed in which people drive on highways here.

What is it? Why am I suddenly so worried about my lil’ girl all the time? I know I have to give get space, let her be, give her room to explore and grow. So how do I let go and lose the fear?