My lil’ one and I are on vacation, we left a couple of days ago to visit my family – for three whole weeks. At first, I was against taking her out of school for so long, but eventually I figured what harm can come of it? Let my lil’ one have her fun vacation with the grandparents, they certainly deserve to spend time with her too!

So, here we are. I for one am definitely loving all the help I’m getting from my mom and sisters – trustworthy babysitters!! And my lil’ one is basking in the light of all the attention raining down on her. Constant hugs, kisses, and loads of gifts. Everything her heart desires is set in front of her – the word ‘no’ has no place here!

And the change in her routine of course is inevitable. Hectic sleep schedules, eating out, all part of my lil’ one’s fun vacation.

Ok, so, I’m letting her have this wonderful time and trying not to ruin it with all my objections, rules, and schedules. It’s not like I have much say in the matter anyway! But, wait till I write my follow up post on my lil’ one’s behaviour when we go back home. How to set her straight back on the old path, the ‘my’ way of doing things.

It’s never easy, after all the fun and attention, but in the end, as long as she’s spending time with her loving grandparents and aunts, as long as they’re enjoying her company and she’s bringing smiles to their faces, then it’s worth it I say. There will always be time for discipline later but as my husband said to me yesterday ‘just enjoy watching her smile’.