My lil’ one goes through phases – so many of them I can’t even keep track anymore. Picky eating, tantrums, sleeping routines – they all change as quickly as the changing of the tides. But, I’ve learnt to read the signs, know when a new phase is coming on, when an old one is disappearing, and work with my lil’ one accordingly. One phase that keeps showing up is her attachment to me – it’s starting up again, and I can’t figure out what triggers it.

For the last several months at pre-school, my lil’ one leaves me practically at the gate and waves goodbye. I have to force her to give me my kiss and hug before handing over her lunchbox, baby doll, and all the other knickknacks she takes with her to show the teachers. When I pick her up, she usually asks to stay a while longer and finish storytime or whatever craft they’re working on.

These days, things have changed. As I drop her off, my lil’ one hangs on to my leg and doesn’t let go. It takes a couple of minutes to convince her to leave me and go into the classroom. Even then, I see her eyes follow me and ask me to come back. I have to force myself to turn away and leave quickly before she catches up with me.

When her daddy and I take her out, my lil’ one is constantly watching to make sure I’m around – she asks me to push her stroller, she demands to follow me when I go into stores, and she has a fit if I disappear from her eyesight for even an instant. We’ve been through this phase before, but she was much younger. What’s suddenly bringing it on now?

I constantly wonder what goes through that mind of hers – what is she thinking? Why would she be so attached to me suddenly? Have any other mommies been going through this? Let us know!