We all love our lil’ ones – absolutely, completely, unconditionally. Which is why we also love things about them that people sometimes don’t understand. Like what? Here is a list of some things I love about my lil’ one that you might agree with if you have toddlers of your own, or find really weird if you don’t!

1. Her feet – I think babies’ feet are the cutest thing about them, and I thought I would outgrow it as my lil’ one got older. I didn’t.

2. Her smell – She has this special smell that no perfume in the world can compete with. Even when she’s been out all day and needs a shower, even then, her smell is the most wonderful thing in the world.

3. The way she memorizes everything I say to her and then repeats things back to me at the most inopportune moments, sometimes embarrassing YES, but never fails to make me laugh!

4. The way she denies things she’s done, even though she fully well knows that I know that she’s done them!

5. Her obsession with little things – she holds on to small toys of hers, or pieces of paper, or whatever and they become the most important things in the world to her. And yes, she does sleep next to them – for weeks sometimes!

6. How she takes over my food when I’m eating – I never, ever get to finish a sandwich – she always decides she wants it.

7. Just the sound of her voice – it comforts me, gives me strength, and always helps me find my way home. The same goes for the sound of her breathing when she sleeps.

What do you love about your lil’ ones? Share mommies!!