I had a conversation with a friend a few days ago, about places that we could go to entertain our lil’ ones. We came up with a list of about three places and then came to a standstill – that’s it? Either we’re really lacking outlets for our kids to play and let go of all that energy they have, or these places just aren’t marketing themselves properly. Whichever the reason, we need more.

The weather is getting warmer and it’s such a nice time to spend outdoors with our lil’ ones, but unfortunately we don’t have many parks, playgrounds, or kids’ areas. Why is that? My friend is having a baby in the summer and needs a good place for her elder child to spend her mornings. I know of one or two kids’ centers that have summer camps but that’s about it. Meanwhile, when we travel abroad we find that kids are given so much attention – they have so many places to go, whether they’re camps, playgrounds, or entertainment centers.

We need to start changing this. And if you know of any good places to take babies or toddlers to play, learn, and have fun – please let us know! Post all the places we have around Amman that are dedicated to kids or are child-friendly.

Looking forward to hearing from you!