I’ve recently joined a group on Facebook for mothers – they’re mainly mothers of newborns and babies, not toddlers – and they talk about the everyday challenges we face especially as new mothers. Things that bother these mommies? The usual – breastfeeding, introducing solid food, diaper rash, vaccinations, colic and many, many other issues that I remember used to haunt me as a new mom. I bought books, read articles, asked the older and more experienced women in the family, I did it all.

Honestly, I wish I had found this group when I was a new mommy – a place where I could vent about everything I was going through, ask questions, and get honest answers. Yes, I know, there are so many of these communities online. But, I needed a community of moms who lived in the same country, spoke the same language, and – most importantly – had access to the same products, doctors, books, etc that I could get access to.

Now, when I read these mommies’ questions and remember how fast it all went by and how i needlessly worried about so many things, I wish I could tell them that. That these little babies grow quickly, that many of the things we lose sleep over are will resolve themselves easily, and that these babies are stronger than we give them credit for. But, it’s bound to happen. Mothers will worry – always – no matter how old these lil’ ones get.

So, now, as I look at my lil’ one and worry over temper tantrums, preschool, potty training, picky eating habits, and all the other things that toddlers worry us over I’m back to the same conundrum. I know that second time mommies, and mommies of older kids would tell me the same thing. Stop worrying. This too shall pass. My lil’ one will grow up, and I’ll forget about the stressful days of shouting matches and sleep deprivation.

My mom says this to me always – especially now that she’s a grandma and lives for the sole purpose of spoiling my lil’ one – that I need to worry less, stress less, and enjoy these days as much as I can. But how can I? It’s what we live for – mothers – the stress and worry keeps us going, doesn’t it?