I’m always putting so much effort in trying to make my lil’ one’s life easier – I mean, it’s my job as her mommy, isn’t it? To make her happy, comfortable, and ensure that her life is as perfect as it can be. Problem is, I’ve come to the realization that a lot of the stuff I do to achieve these “mommy goals” are somewhat annoying for my lil’ one. In my eyes, they’re necessary – in hers, they’re completely and utterly bothersome. I can almost hear her thinking, “did I ask her to do this? did I complain? leave me alone mommy”!

So, as I’m thinking of this, I come across an article written by a mother about the ways we make our children miserable sometimes, without meaning to. It really hit home, because I realized how many of these things I do subconsciously and how they would probably make my lil’ one feel.

Examples of some of these things include helping her with her drawings or coloring when she clearly doesn’t want my help because she’s proud of her creations. Another example is fixing her clothes when she’s playing because I want her looking neat and nice all the time, or tying her hair in a pretty bow when she would much rather have messy, and comfortable hair.

How many times did we move our babies while they were sleeping into “more comfortable positions” and ended up waking them? I still do that for my lil’ girl – cover her with the blanket, when she’s thrown it away so many time ’cause she’s just not cold! Just last night, my lil’ one was sleeping in her bed – I looked at her, decided she looked uncomfortable and “fixed” her. I ended up paying the price for that when she woke up and moved to my bed instead.

We do so many of these things – we can’t help it, we’re mothers and it’s our job to teach them right from wrong, and ensure that they’re happy at all times. What we sometimes don’t get is that they ARE happy and comfortable and just need us to let them be.

As I say this, I know for certain that I’ll forget it very soon – because no matter what, we’ll never stop protecting them, helping them, supporting them, and living our lives solely to make theirs better. My mom still does it and now that I have a daughter I appreciate every little thing she ever did that annoyed me at the time – thanks mom, I love you!!