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My lil’ one is back to her old habit of throwing tantrums – full-blown screaming, lying on the floor crying, and hoping that we would feel sorry for her and give her what she demands. We had an episode of this last night, over something so insignificant, but she just wouldn’t listen – her dad tried to explain things to her quietly, and then I took over. I tried logic, reason, threats, bribery, you name it. My lil’ one refused to budge and ended up with a time out – her dad decided that was the only course of action left and put her in her “time out chair” for two minutes.

Of course, my lil’ one cried – way too much. Now, I try my best to be disciplinary and teach her right from wrong, but when I hear her cry I forget all the “rules” and I just want to give her a hug. First, I tried to ignore her cries and then I went and became the mediator between my lil’ one and her dad. I explained to her why she got her time out and she stopped crying, kissed her dad, and all was well. But I wasn’t.

I know I should be stronger, tougher, let her cry it out when the situation requires it. I’m coming to the growing realization that I’m not like what when it comes to my lil’ girl – I can’t bear to see her cry and that’s been one if my biggest problems since she was born. I couldn’t move her to her crib on her own ’cause she cried too much, I used to rock her to sleep to keep her happy, and now I sit next to her until she falls asleep because I love the fact that she asks for me there. I tried weaning her off the pacifier but couldn’t bear her tears and I was the biggest mess during her first month of school when she cried for me everyday.

I’m told these things change when you have your second child, that you can’t afford to be so soft when there’s more than one kid in the house. Maybe that’s the case, maybe not. In any case, I still need to be a little bit tougher when it comes to my lil’ girl, before she discovers my weakness and starts leveraging – something we all know our kids are very, very good at.