Today, I took my lil’ girl to her weekly gym class, one she looks forward to and absolutely loves – the chance to run around freely, playing with other kids her age. As we stood outside the class with our shoes off, and my lil’ one jumping up and down with excitement, waiting for the previous class to finish, one of the girls from my daughter’s preschool walks in. My lil’ one couldn’t believe her eyes, it was as if as if her two worlds collided – in school and outside of school – and she couldn’t contain her happiness. One of her closest friends there to enjoy the class with her!

So, I spent the next hour of class running around my lil’ one as she ran around with her friend – playing on the slides, in the ball pit, up the rock climbing wall, dancing in circle time, and so on. My lil’ girl was absolutely ecstatic and wanted to do everything her friend was doing – even when she needed to go to the potty or drink water! As the class ended, the two girls didn’t want to go their separate ways – they wanted to stay and attend the birthday party that was just starting at the gym, which they weren’t invited to. And, when we said no, they wanted to take each other home and play all day. I love seeing my lil’ girl around her friends, she’s learning to be true and loyal and I’m loving it.

Friendships are hard to come by, even for toddlers. Someone to get along with, someone who loves the things that you do, it’s important in our lives even at a very early age. My lil’ one makes friends easily and I hope this stays with her as she grows up. I also hope that she’s always good to her friends, stands by them, and values her friendships.