“I want a lot of things for my daughter. I want her to be strong, independent, and happy. I want her to experience love someday and never confuse it with a piece of jewelry. And if someday she has a daughter, then no matter how hard she looks, I want her to not be able to find a book like this one.” ~ Amy Fox, Huffington Post

I would totally, emphatically agree with the above statement by Amy Fox. I came across this article she wrote on the Huffington Post and wanted to share it with all mommies who have daughters. Amy has a little girl who went to the bookstore with her daddy and came back with a Cinderella book – but not the classic one we all know and love. No. This is a sequel that has Cinderella losing her ring and trying throughout the book to find it.

Amy Fox explains this much better than me – please read this article, you’ll love it, relate to it, and totally agree with it.