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Little Miss Trouble – my lil’ girl’s new, favorite book. Little Miss Trouble tells too many lies and gets all her friends into trouble, until one day a mermaid puts a curse on her where she starts to blow bubbles out of her mouth every time she tries to tell a lie. ‘Course, Little Miss Trouble learns her lesson – the hard way.

The story was on my lil’ girl’s bookshelf in her room, among the many, many, many stories, fairytales, and all sorts of books she has – board books, pocket books, puzzle books, old books, new books. You name it, we have it. So, she walks into her room and asks to pull a book out of her bookshelf, and her tiny hands pick Little Miss Trouble. As you can imagine, Miss Trouble has been a constant presence in my life for the last two days – we tell the story a million times a day, we sleep next to the book, wake up next to the book, we go to the potty with the book, we’ve even tried to take a bath with the book. Which, in my lil’ girl’s logical mind, makes sense since Little Miss Trouble already blows bubbles out of her mouth. Yup, that was a difficult argument to win.

So, i figured, it stands to reason that my lil’ girl would love the rest of the ‘Little Miss’ collection. I dropped her off at school today and went happily to buy her five more – Miss Chatterbox, Miss Bad, Miss Naughty,  Miss Sunshine, and Miss Neat. What I can’t figure out – she doesn’t seem to like them very much! Seems, she can relate to Miss Trouble!

I can never understand why some toys appeal to my lil’ girl and some don’t. Why is it that she only loves one doll from among her many, many others. Why is it that she only loves her Sharpie markers and hates her crayons. I guess some things you just can’t explain!