Good morning mommies – on this windy, and possibly rainy day! I love staying at home in this weather, with my lil’ one and her daddy – we spend days like these huddled up, warm, watching TV together, playing, and having a family day.

My lil’ one absolutely loves weekends – she loves waking up and then waking us up. Telling us it’s morning and asking us to get up with her. We have breakfast together – well, actually she and her daddy have breakfast together and I try to catch up on must needed sleep. I try to give her as much fun time as possible on weekends – I let her stay as long as she wants in the bathtub, playing with her toys, enjoying her finger painting and having a tea party using bubbles. I take her out when it’s sunny and we enjoy our mother-and-daughter time, or we just take a stroll in a mall if the weather isn’t so good and she helps me do my shopping. Her daddy enjoys these weekends too – they spend a lot of time together, running around, and horse playing something she definitely doesn’t get to do with me!

I do love weekends. Hope you’re enjoying yours mommies & daddies with your lil’ ones!

One last thought – if you’re looking for fun, educational cartoons & programs to enjoy with your lil’ ones on these rainy weekends, here are a list of some that come highly recommended.

1. Nickelodeon Jr. has a whole bunch , including Dora the Explorer, Miffy & Friends, Wonder Pets, and – my personal favorite – the Backyardigans;

2. Disney Jr. also has a good selection, including the Hive, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, and Oso;

3. BBC – Charlie & Lola.