My lil’ one went out with her dad yesterday and came back with a bunch of roses and a very large, colorful, bag with a tiny florist’s card inside. She gives me the flowers and says the two most beautiful words I could hope to hear that day – Happy Balentine Mommy! ‘Course, she loved saying the words so much that she kept repeating them pretty much every minute that evening. My lil’ one does love expanding her vocabulary and showing it off every chance she gets.

The card she got me was empty – I was hoping to get her to scribble something illegible on it and hide it for safekeeping, to show her when she gets older. Another little wonderful – and frustrating – trait my lil’ one has is her obsession with things she perceives belong to her. The card definitely fell into that category. She scribbled on it, drew the faces she’s recently learnt she can create, and announced that the card is hers. I was no longer allowed to touch it, see it, or attempt to hide it for her. Luckily, she gave up her rights to the flowers she was carrying and generously gave them to me.

Happy Balentine mommy – I can’t get enough of it – she seems to have forgotten the words today. She’s more interested today in singing her newly memorized song – one  which I’m required to sing with her and obviously don’t know. Problem is that she quickly murmurs some words I can barely make out, while dancing with her hands on her elbows – all I know is that the song ends in I love you. Those words are enough. Who needs more?