I couldn’t figure out my lil’ one’s obsession yesterday with buying a bag – yes, my not-yet-three-years-old toddler threw a tantrum at the mall because she wanted to buy a bag. I took her into one of the stores and asked her what bag she was talking about, I was curious as to why this suddenly came about. She pointed at a couple, a small pink one, another Hello Kitty wallet, and a small coin purse. I asked her why she wanted these particular ones. She replied that a girl in her preschool has one and brought it with her to class. My lil’ one looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said “mommy, I want one too”!

Now, I have to admit that I usually cannot resist my lil’ girl’s tearful eyes, especially when she asks for something that I see no harm in getting for her. However, yesterday, I had to ignore those tears and tell her sternly that we need to get out of the store and go home. It broke my heart but I couldn’t give in. My lil’ girl is at that phase now when she wants everything that she sees with other little kids. We have a playroom that’s literally overflowing with toys – she has more bags and purses than I do – but she still wants to buy the identical one she saw with her friend.

It’s never too early to teach our lil’ ones to be satisfied with what they have. They can share their toys and ask to play with their friends, but wanting to actually have everything they see will only get worse. It’s an early form of peer pressure I guess, the toddler version of it. My lil’ one will soon grow into a teenager and will want to copy all her friends – but it’ll be more serious then if I don’t try to instil a sense of satisfaction in her now.

I’m sorry lil’ one – I really am. Your tears are precious and I hate to see them fall – but it’s for your own good, I just hope you see that someday!