My lil’ girl pointed at a blank spot right in front of her today and told me to say hi to “the lion”. I said “what lion?”, she replied “my friend mommy, my friend the lion, he says roar”. Ok. So, I had no choice but to say “hi” to her friend, the lion, and have an imaginary conversation that basically constituted her talking instead of “the lion”.

I’ve mentioned this before – my lil’ girl and her imagination. It just never ceases to amaze me whenever she introduces me to a new “friend” of hers. It got me thinking, researching, trying to get to the bottom of the imaginary friend issue – is it good for her? is it bad? should I play along?

I came across this article, written by Taylor and co-author Candice M. Mottweiler called “Imaginary Companions: Pretending to Be Real But Knowing They Are Not”. It’s an interesting read, and got me a little more familiar with the issue and that it’s ok for kids to have imaginary friends – especially if they’re the oldest/only child.

If your lil’ ones have imaginary friends too – read this, it’ll help!


Image: istockphoto