As soon as my lil’ girl hit two years old, and as soon as she started going to school, interacting with other kids, seeing lots of other people, I’ve found that we’re always sick! She starts coughing, quietly at first, and asking me to wipe her nose – that’s when I know – it’s time for the medicine cabinet to be opened, time to brace myself for the next few weeks of the flu. So, I do spend the next few weeks nursing her back to health, making sure she gets her medicine, eats right, takes lots of fluids, and all the other fun cold remedies we’re all very familiar with. But, as soon as she feels better – I get sick. It’s been like that for the last two months, and winter isn’t over yet!

If you’re going through this too mommies, don’t worry – we’re all in this together! Our immune systems seem to be not-so-immune to toddler germs. But, you have to realize you can’t do it alone. When you’re sick, you need to take a step back, rest, and get better.

First of all, get someone to help you, whether it’s your husband, your mom, or even your friends – delegate the tasks you can to others before you find yourself bombarded with exhaustion as well as your flu!. Next, learn to leave things undone. If you’re a working mom, take a day off. If you’re a stay at home mom, like myself, I still say – take the day off. Forget the daily errands you have to do, leave things undone. They’ll still be there tomorrow.

As long as you have toddlers in the house during the winter flu season will never be over. I’ve learnt to watch for the signs and prepare. It will pass eventually!