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Today was my first parents – teachers meeting at my daughter’s pre-school – it hit me again, how she’s growing up so fast! Her school sent a progress report with her yesterday, filled with her progress at school, whether social, developmental, or academic. Her dad and I looked it over, and we were so proud – at how she’s developing, how she’s turning into this grown up, independent lil’ girl.

So, I went to her meeting today – her teachers explained how she is at school, which I was curious to know. I mean, we drop them off in the morning and pick them up four hours later – my lil’ one doesn’t tell me much about what goes on during the day, she comes home too exhausted and hungry to say anything, and when she does I never really know if her stories hold true or are somewhat figments of her imagination. Hence, the meeting today was very informative. She’s developing well, loves arts and crafts, is imaginative, loves to sing, and absolutely loves to talk – that I knew very well!

My lil’ one is very sensitive though – very emotional, cries at the drop of a hat and is always scared to make people angry at her. I have to work on that – try to toughen her up a bit – to survive in our world these days you have to be strong, determined, and fight for what’s yours. Hopefully, with time, my lil’ one will change.

Another proud day for me – another day to be grateful for my lil’ girl and her feats of accomplishment.

Last, but certainly not least, another nod of appreciation to her pre-school and teachers for their hard work and dedication to these little kids. We can’t do it without you!