Yesterday, my lil’ one tried climbing up on my bed by herself – she had mastered this art a while ago, but she was cheating, using the couch next to the bed to help her climb. But, yesterday, she got up on the bed by herself, with no help. When she did, she looked at me with such a look of accomplishment on her face and she said “mommy, I did it!”. I hugged her and told her how proud I was – that she’s such a big girl now!

My daughter is at a phase now where she wants to do everything by herself, without my help – put on her shoes, take off her jacket, open/close doors, eat, and all sorts of other things that she perceives as accomplishments, and which really are huge steps for her. I wait while she tries maneuvering these little feats – and yes, I admit, I get very, very impatient, especially when we’re running late for something. As expected, when/if I do try to help her she gets angry, I get more impatient, and we clash.

So, I’m slowly learning how to give my lil’ one the independence she needs – it seems to give her much happiness, and give me fewer headaches. When I find that she’s not accomplishing what she had set out to do, I try to work it out with her, without having her feel she wasn’t able on her own. Turn it into a game of sorts. It seems to be working and gives her such a sense of pride that it’s worth every impatient minute I spend waiting for her.

That smile she gave me yesterday, that look of accomplishment on her face, was priceless. I look forward to seeing it again, very soon.