I was just reading this article on Huffington Post and it rang true for me so I wanted to share it with other mommies out there. I especially dedicate it to all the new friends I made through my lil’ one – friends I found while taking her to gym class and pre-school, friends I found a lot in common with and who I can be myself around, and whose friendships I hope to keep – not only because their kids are now part of my lil’ one’s life, but also because they are now a part of mine.

Yes, my social life has changed since before I had my daughter – it used to revolve around late evenings out, at our convenience. We would go out when it pleased us and come back when we wanted to. Nothing tied us down, and it was great at the time. Now, however, our lives completely revolve around our lil’ one – we go out when there’s someone who can babysit her – someone I can trust – and it doesn’t happen too often. Most of our evenings are spent at home, and, I love every minute. Being committed to this little girl is the best thing that could have happened to me, and I now find myself making friends through her.

So, mommies, read this blog post from Huffington Post – I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.