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My lil’ one – I realized recently – doesn’t listen to music very often. At home, she’s either playing with her dolls, play dough, or more frequently watching cartoon clips on the iPad. In the car, she also prefers watching cartoons, talking, or looking out the window. So, it has transpired that music doesn’t play a very big role in her life. The problem is that when she now hears loud music she asks us to turn it off – she even does the same at her pre-school during music class.

Honestly, I haven’t been giving this issue much attention. It never occurred to me that the lack of music in my lil’ girl’s life would affect her much. But, the fact that she now is relatively scared of loud music is bothering me and I’ve decided to tackle this – head on. Yesterday evening, while she was playing with her dolls next to me in the living room, I turned on the music – loud – and proceeded to sing and dance in front of her (I must have looked a bit crazy to her). She looked up and asked me what I was doing – her eyes were wondering what had gone into her mommy. I pulled her off the chair and got her to join me. We had a wonderful time. She loved the fact that she could dance, jump, sing very loudly, without any consequence. And I think what she loved even more was seeing me acting so crazily right along with her.

It turns out music is very important in our toddlers’ lives – it helps with their sensory development, builds on their vocabulary (if they’re old enough to make out the words), and dancing to the music helps with their coordination. But, most importantly, it changes your toddler’s mood (especially if they’re in the middle of a tantrum) and can relax them before bedtime (make sure its relaxing music though!)

So, mommies & daddies, turn on that music and dance – you’ll have a blast with your lil’ ones, I sure did!