I read this article on Huffington Post and thought I’d share it with mommies and daddies out there. It centers on the trend these days of exhausting our toddlers with activities that we, as parents, believe will make them smarter, more capable, etc, and whether such activities are actually required at such a young age. Such activities include music lessons, swimming lessons, toddler yoga (never heard of that one!), ballet, and others. I do admit, I’m one of those parents she’s talking about – my lil’ one has already started swimming classes, and I plan to start her on music, ballet, and gymnastics next year.

But, the author of the article argues that such activities can wait until a later age, and that we should focus more on giving our lil’ toddlers a chance to have more fun and do things that maybe they wouldn’t be able to do at a slightly older age – what the author calls a “potty list”, which are activities all toddlers should have done by the age of 3. Again, I admit, my lil’ one has only done a few on the list, so maybe I should start working on that.

Read the article mommies & daddies, it’s worth a look.