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When I went to pick up my lil’ girl from pre-school yesterday, it was raining – not a light drizzle, but heavy showers where the wipers in the car were hardly catching up. So, my jacket was soaked and my hair was a mess when I picked her up from class. She looked at me with wide eyes and said “mommy, what’s on your jacket?” I explained that it was raining outside and carried her to the car. She looked around at all the rain, the water in the streets, the people carrying umbrellas and was amazed. She’d surely seen rain before, but not this much.

Later on, the weather got colder and it started to snow. Not enough for the world to turn white, but enough for my lil’ one to look outside and ask what that white stuff falling from the sky was. She’d heard of snow, sang about it, pasted white cotton balls on paper and called it snow, but never actually seen it.

Have you ever looked at your child’s face when they see things for the first time? These things that we take for granted, that we don’t even look at anymore, are wonders to these little kids. My lil’ one lights up when she sees the moon, she sings when she looks at the stars, and she giggles when it’s windy and she has to hide her face when her daddy’s carrying her. Even a small butterfly on a wall will catch her attention.

So, I’m now looking at the world from a whole new perspective, I’m trying to see things in her eyes now. Everything that I’ve experienced before is now new to me all over again, because I’m seeing them for the first time with my lil’ one.

So, mommies and daddies, next time it snows, be a kid again – look at it in wonder, play outside with your lil’ ones, and laugh. These moments will make you forget the stress and hassles of being an adult and will take you to more innocent, more carefree times.