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My lil’ one was invited to her first official birthday party – a boy in her pre-school class turned three, and his mom invited the entire class as well as some of his cousins to a party at a kids’ entertainment center. Sounds fun, right? So, we bought the boy a gift, got her dressed in a pretty outfit, and went on our way to our first birthday party. I thought she’d have a blast. I was wrong.

See, I always had the idea that my lil’ girl was strong  – that she’d let nothing scare her, or intimidate her. But I guess they react differently when placed in surroundings they’re not familiar with. She seemed fine at the party at first, playing with some of her friends, excited to see her teachers there. Then came game time. Kids were rounded up and placed in a circle and the music started. That’s when my lil’ girl decided she’d had enough and wanted to go home. Ask her why she didn’t want to stay. Her response would be: “the music was too, too loud”! So, she cried, refused to play, stuck to me like superglue, but to her credit she did sing happy birthday to her friend before asking me to take her home. I did eventually – there was no point in convincing her to stay.

It wasn’t my first time experiencing my lil’ girl’s fear of big places and loud music. We took her to a play center once, her dad and I, excited to be showing her the carousel and other kids’ activities that we used to love as children. Again, she refused to play, and wanted to leave. She decided that she would much rather go to one of the toy stores and play with their Lego displays quietly than anything else.

So now, I have a new mission. I want to try to dispel this fear that my lil’ one has of loud noise and too many people. They say the only way to conquer your fear is to confront it, head on. Does this apply to toddlers too? I’ll try it out with my lil’ one and let you know.