If you watch the popular American sitcom Modern Family and if you’re up to date, then by now you’ve probably seen the episode where Lily curses in front of her parents. She uses the “F” word and it gets bleeped causing a controversy over whether we should let kids curse on TV. Honestly, I don’t get the controversy. Kids will be kids, they hear things, they watch TV and they’re filled with curiosity. So, it’s bound to happen one day that you hear your lil’ one using a “bad” word. They want to try it out and they want to test your reaction.

So how should we react?First, we need to gauge whether they actually know that it’s a word they shouldn’t be using. If they don’t, then we need to sit quietly with our lil’ ones and teach them that these are words we don’t say, and we should make it clear that using them again will come with consequences. I assure you they will try to use them again, and we need to act out on our threat, whether with a “time-out”, or no TV time, or whatever.

When Lily uses the “F” word on Modern Family, her father laughs. I know, this may be our reaction too. It’ll take us by surprise and we won’t know how to respond, and laughter might come naturally. But beware – laughter will encourage our lil’ ones to use these words again, thinking that it amuses us. So hold your smiles mommies & daddies!

Image: ABC