My lil’ girl never ceases to amaze me – just when I least expect it, she comes up with a phrase, a joke, something, that either has me in laughs or tears. She hears us saying things, memorizes them, and uses them at the exact right moments. The other day, I told her dad and I were pretending to bicker in front of her over which one of us she belongs to. He said “she’s mine”. I answered “no, she’s mine”. My lil’ girl quietly looks at me and says “mama, I’m for you and daddy, sharing is caring”. Ok. Didn’t see that one coming. My generous lil’ girl who doesn’t want to see either of us be sad.

Another little incident where she uses her awesome quick wit came as she was watching her father shave. She’s standing on her step stool while he splashes her with water playfully every few minutes. She tells him to stop once, twice, three times. Then, her patience spent, she says “daddy, stop, it’s not funny, I’m not laughing”. I could hear his laughter from across our apartment. As I run to hear her latest comeback, I find him hugging her, laughing, amazed at her ability to have the right words to say.

They’re amazing characters our toddlers. Just as we think we’re close to tearing our hair out in frustration or about to have our own tantrums from the sheer challenge of getting them to do what we want them to do, they seem to turn us around and have us laughing crazily at their words. And when my lil’ girl isn’t using words that make me laugh, then they’re words that make me want to cry when she turns to me, holds out her little arms and says “mommy, I love you – a little bit but also a lot”.

Aren’t they a blessing. I just hope we can always bring smiles and laughter into their lives as much as they’ve brought into ours.